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We use advanced systems to manage the progress of your repairs.


Over the years we have developed a sound reputation in the following areas of plumbing:




Always ask your plumber's license details, ours are:

  PL713 & PL896
  GF799 & GF1922

Your plumbing is only as good as your plumber and the products they use !!


Burst proof flexible hoses

We only use 'burst proof' flexible hoses, because a burst hose can cost you dearly ...

in 1 hour 1,500 litres flows out costing you~$5 (enough for nearly 10 big baths, or one under-eves tank);

in 1 day 36,000 litres flows out costing you ~$135 (enough to fill a fuel tanker trailer);

in 1 week 252,000 litres flows out costing you ~$950 (enough to fill your 10 metre swimming pool 5 times); and

in 1 month 1,116,000 litres flows out costing you ~$4,200 (enough to half fill an olympic swimming pool).

So your 1 month holiday abroad turns into a soggy and expensive nighmare once you get home.


Watermark Certification

WaterMark Certification is a process designed to provide assurance to Australian consumers and plumbers that plumbing products used in plumbing installations are of a high standard and will work effectively under Australian conditions. In accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, materials and products used in plumbing or drainage installations must be marked in accordance with AS 5200.000 Procedures for Certification of Plumbing and Drainage Products. Approved WaterMark symbols are shown in below.


Watermark for plumbing products to guarantee compliance with Australian standards


According to recent changes in plumbing law all products used in plumbing in Australia must carry this watermark. If the watermark is absent the product is illegal and should be removed and replaced by a compliant product.

Some of our favourite products and suppliers ...

ClevaCare Shower Arms


Endorsement by
Architecture & Access (Aust) Pty Ltd


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